Application Information

    Exhibitors may share space with another exhibitor. Both parties must list their products on the application. The submitting exhibitor (Exhibitor #1) is responsible for ensuring that Exhibitor #2 has read and abides by all PTTF Craft Fair Policies and Guidelines.
    Special space requests will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis, and are not guaranteed.
    Exhibitors may purchase two or more spaces. Specific location(s) cannot be guaranteed.
    Access to electricity is limited. Please do not request electricity access unless the display requires it. There is no additional charge for electricity.

Crafters may choose from either Gymnasium or Hallway booth space, while other vendors, such as MLM reps are asked to register for a Hallway space. Booth information is as follows:

    Gymnasium: $85.00 per each 10’ x 6’ space [crafters only, available first-come-first-serve basis]
    Hallway: $75.00 per each 10’ x 4’ space [crafter or other vendor may purchase]

All booths will have 2 chairs provided to you for use during the Craft Fair. Should you not need the chairs provided, you may note that within the application submission.

Electronic payment is required at time of application submission.

Final payment of this application indicates that you have read and agree to abide by all PTTF Craft Fair Policies and Guidelines.